Oak Stairs and Walnut Stairs by Mallow Joinery

Suppliers of Oak Stairs

Mallow Joinery has supplied and installed oak stairs for clients since 2005. We manufacture a wide variety of staircases - including several oak stairs from spectacular designs fitted into hotels and restaurants to elegant affairs that have transformed homes and apartments. Our team can take an original design or idea from a client and turn it into reality. Our craftsmen are fully qualified in designing and building stairs and are specialists at installing each finished product making sure it will blend into the building's natural architecture and design.

As well as supplying beautiful oak stairs, we also provide many balustrade designs that will complement any product - our balustrade styles are becoming more and more popular during the past number of years. We can provide stairs made from American Oak such as white oak and red oak.

Suppliers of Walnut Stairs

Mallow Joinery can also supply a wide variety of walnut stairs. We manufacture many shades of walnut ranging from light to medium right through to dar walnut. Our craftsmen have been involved in projects were clients preferred walnut staircases over other colours and types of wooden stairs.

We can supply and install continuous walnut handrails, treads, banisters and balustrade that can match the interior decor of a home or business dwelling. We can also design walnut stairs with open treads which are very popular for those seeking a contemporary design.


Oak Stairs & Walnut Stairs in Ireland

We can now supply oak stairs and walnut stairs to many parts of Ireland. As our business continues to grow, we have become more involved with clients from different parts the country. We have travelled to Dublin, Limerick, Tipperary, Kilkenny and Galway as well as many other places providing beautiful stairs to our ever increasing client base.

Recently we have provided oak and walnut staircases to domestic and business clients in Waterford and Wexford. We are sure that our business in the south-east of Ireland will increase as more people hear of our quality product which are guaranteed to meet the highest standards in safety and quality.

Quality Oak and Walnut Stairs Design

Mallow Joinery have provided quality oak and walnut stair designs for commercial buildings and homes for our clients since 2005. Our stair designs include American white and red oaks as well as light, medium and dark walnut styles. We can supply many other styles that will naturally blend with the design of a landing or foyer of a home, restaurant or other commercial dwelling.

Our team have designed and installed staircases for commercial and domestic customers in Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick, Galway and Dublin. We can deliver and install stairs to almost anywhere in Ireland.

If your home or business need new stairs then contact the team at Mallow Joinery. You will not regret it. You can contact us by any of the following means ;

Phone: 086 198 30 56      Email:mallowjoinery@eircom.net

Address: Newberry Industrial Estate, Mallow, County Cork.